Where is the Youth Lounge?

The Youth Lounge is located in the basement below the Sanctuary in Education Building 1 (EB1). Take the stairs down on either side of the back hallway behind the Sanctuary.

Where is the Choir Room?

Our youth choir practices in the Choir Room. The Choir Room is located on the 2nd floor of Education Building 1 (EB1) across the hall from the preschool children’s classrooms.

What do youth do in Sunday Bible Study?

Sunday Bible Study (Sunday School) is a small-group Bible study organized by grade for high schoolers and by sex for middle schoolers. Youth will study Bible stories, talk about current events, and discuss faith.

What do youth do at Youth Discipleship?

Discipleship includes games, volunteer activities, devotions, and small-group discussions all designed to challenge youth to live out their faith every day.

What do youth do at Remix (Youth Fellowship)?

Youth gather every Wednesday for a rotation of activities intended to develop their spiritual, intellectual, missional, and communal life in a wide variety of studies, activities, and games.

My youth wants to go on a trip, but we can’t afford it. Can Calvary help?

We believe that money should never be an impediment to youth attending a retreat, trip, or event. If you need financial help, please contact Jason Matlack.


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