Announcement 2/11/19

Transition Team Update 2-11-19

Here is an update on the Transition Team’s recent decisions and upcoming actions. Check in for additional updates using our link on the church website.

I. Dr. Robert Browning Short-term Interim Pastor - March 10- May 26 (Memorial Day weekend):

The Transition Team is very pleased to report that it reached an unanimous decision to invite Dr. Robert Browning to serve as our interim pastor from March 10 - May 26 (Memorial Day). After prayer (and consulting with his wife) he has accepted our invitation.

Dr. Browning, “Bob,” recently retired as Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Frankfort. Bob will be preaching at the 8:30 and 11:00 services starting on March 10. He will lead the church through the Lenten season, Easter and beyond. Bob is a dynamic speaker, and we are looking forward to the energy that he will bring to the pulpit. Bob will be providing his sermons to the staff in advance so that they can plan our services as they usually do.

(March 3 will be the first Sunday after Dr. Baker leaves, and that service will be conducted by the staff. Hank and Justin will handle the sermon. In that service, we will introduce the upcoming 40 Days of Prayer. The college services will continue under Niki Hays’s leadership until classes conclude in the summer as usual.) 

You can learn more about Bob from his bio, which is posted on our website. (Dr. Robert Browning’s resume/bio)

II. Congregational Profile and New Pastor Profile Documents:

With the help of the staff, the Transition Team has now assembled a lot of the data about our church and community that needs to be in a congregational profile. We still need input from the church. We now turn to determining how to best get as much input from as many members as possible. Getting wide participation is very important to us, and we will provide as many opportunities as possible to that end.

III. Long-term Interim Pastor

After Memorial Day weekend, the Transition Team will again need to have preaching lined up for the open-ended time between Bob Browning’s service and the ultimate call of a pastor. We have plenty of candidates in the area to serve in this role. Once we get the completion of our church’s profiles underway, we will evaluate those candidates in order fill the pulpit going forward during that time.

We are making great progress! We could not do that without your prayers and support - thank you! Other questions? Just ask: