Young Adults


Twenty-something? Thirty-something? Graduate student? Young professional? Single? Married? Just starting a family? There is a place for you at Calvary!

Sunday School meets on Sunday morning at 9:45 am.

Sunday School Classes


NEXT! (Young Adults 21-35)
This class meets on the second floor of the High Point Building.  This group’s age range is mid-20s and grad students through age forty.

Crossroads Class (Adults Age 35-50)
This class is open and includes both couples and singles. Crossroads meets in room 302 on the third floor of EB1.

High Point Single Adult Class (Single Adults Age 50 and Up)
This class, also known as Believers in God, meets in room 206 on the second floor of EB2.

Young Adults

Located on the third floor of EB1, this department is composed of adults to age 45.  Classes are listed by age range with the younger age range classes listed first.

Beginning Life Together (Newlywed Class) meets in room 303.
Celebrating Grace Together meets in room 303.
Keeping It Together meets in room 302.
Believers United in God’s Service (BUGS) meets in room 306.
Agape meets in room 308.

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