Preteen Ministry


The Preteen Ministry of Calvary Baptist Church is designed to help sixth graders feel loved, special, and accepted during a changing time in their lives. It is a transitional ministry between Children’s and Youth ministries that seeks to provide times for separate Preteen ministry including Bible study, social events, and other times to get to know our youth.

On Sunday mornings Preteens are involved in their own Bible study in their own space in the basement of Edu. Bldg. II.

On Sunday evenings they participate in our Youth Choir, have dinner, and attend creative ministries.

On Wednesday evenings Preteens have recreation and praise music with youth and attend Bible study with other Middle Schoolers. In the spring and summer our Preteens begin attending more Middle School and Youth activities as well as extra events. In August, our preteens officially move into our youth ministry.

For more information on our Children's ministry, please contact Carrie Beth Tonks, Minister of Childhood Education.