Hymns for the Journey--Lenten Devotions Blog 3/13/19

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 : Like a journey, the season of Lent begins and ends in vastly different places. From Ash Wednesday to Easter’s doorstep, it tracks along the rugged and narrow path of discipleship through the garden of abandonment to what would seem to be the dead end of the tomb were it not for God’s knack for surprise endings. And we are called to follow.

Pack lightly. Your possessions will only burden you and your every need will be provided. You already possess your most precious resources: Faith, Trust, God’s Word, and the Hymns You Know By Heart. This blog features a few of those hymns. Stories of meaning and reflection written by you and for you. 

Each week, we will bring you a new hymn to discover again in a unique way as it relates to a fellow pilgrim. What hymns speak to you?